Professional Speaking, Keynotes

lets talk business inspiringYoda’s character is know for not having all that much to say and when he does talk it may be powerful stuff but sometimes it takes quite a bit of effort to figure out the point.

Well I have to admit that those are traits we do not share. I will have plenty to say that will keep the audience engaged and while I might challenge you with some important points I won’t leave you hanging!

As a business coach and entrepreneur with 20+ years of owning, operating, growing small businesses combined with my business coaching, consulting and sales force training practice through my company Whiteboard Group, I can bring a wide array of relevant business topics to your next meeting or training session. I have a philosophy of business growth that is outcome focused and that personal achievement and the pursuit and excellence benefits not just the individual but everything in close proximity.

Known for simplifying complex topics and focusing on the basics while engaging the audience with relatable stories and real world examples, it would be my pleasure to educate and entertain your group or team.

Some of my more popular talks

Lessons from a serial entrepreneur

Why “going small” is critical to “making it big”. Planning, focus, clear outcomes, a target to shoot for. Why too many ideas can keep you from achieving any and how to create a habit of finding and working on the one thing that will make everything else easier and work better.

7 things NOT to do when starting a business


Lessons learned from a personal retail venture startup as the bubble burst in 2009. How to set yourself up for a fast startup and manage cash flow. How to get the most out of small business financing, separating the urgent from the important, building the right team for a startup, getting employee buy in, who is your business manager? Things I will do differently the next time!

Why you are leaving 75% of your market untapped and how to get it all!

Whether your business card says sales rep or business owner, your all in sales. Love or not you will have to interact with people and for most people more often than not there is a disconnect that’s leaves you looking for something else to do when you SHOULD be out selling. Well selling is not a dirty word and it can be something you look forward to and enjoy whether you consider yourself a salesperson or not if you understand why you seem to connect so well with some people and not at all with others.